24 hour service
Hull & Machinery +47 90 92 52 00

For non-emergency calls outside of office hours, please contact our offices

Crisis handling
Follow the “PEA” approach  during a crisis – prioritise People, Environment, Assets, in that order. In the majority of cases, first verify that the crew is safe.

Contact your liability and property insurers and the appropriate authorities. Report facts only. Do not speculate as to the possible cause(s) of the incident.

Information and documents
Preserve all information and documents relevant to the incident. The list will be long, but information and documents on board the vessel will be vital in the further handling of any claim. Preserve all electronic data, in particular the VDR.   

Access to crew and vessel
Only visitors with express permission or authority to board the vessel should be allowed on board.   If in doubt, seek advice.


Additional information can be found in Crisis Response