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Focus on environmental protection continues to increase - transportation technology is going “greener” and the shipping industry is expected to follow. Discussions have traditionally focussed on accidental oil spills, which can cause damage to physical property and assets, ecosystems and natural habitats.  More recently, the focus has expanded to include the production of waste, air pollution and damage to the environment caused by invasive aquatic species carried in the ballast water of ships. A breach of regulations may give rise to substantial fines and increasingly, criminal charges may be brought against officers and crew, shore-based personnel and the company itself. This topic aims to help by highlighting environmental liability issues commonly encountered by Gard.

General issues

Garbage and sewage Invasive species in ballast water Oil and air pollution

A sea change: the French Government rethinks its oil pollution legislation post-ERIKA

Air emissions - California update

Amendments to the California Clean Fuel Regulations

Australia toughens pollution laws

California – violation of the 0.10 per cent sulphur limit

California’s at-berth emission requirements toughens

California’s low sulphur fuel regulation remains in force

Canada - oil spill response arrangements

Canada implements North American ECA requirements

China emission control areas - update

China introduces 0.50 per cent sulphur cap in major port regions

Fines continue to take their toll

Gard Guidance to Masters - Matters affecting voyage performance - Pollution

Gard Guidance to Masters - Pollution

Low sulphur fuels explained

Marine oil spills in the US - planning, response and consequences - a visual understanding of the overall system

MARPOL - enforcement of North American Emission Control Area means close scrutiny of documentation compliance

New Greek marine pollution legislation

Onboard verification of fuel sulphur content

Pollution Regulations in the People's Republic of China

Preparing for low sulphur operation

Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of marine pollution from ships

Ship emissions - contractual considerations

Shipping emissions regulations

Thank you for not smoking - the US and Canada to watch ship air emissions more closely

Turkey - new requirements for fuel oil sulphur content

US Coast Guard - low sulphur fuel issues

US Law - CARB regulations update

US non-tank vessel response plans

US penalty policy for ECA violations

US Vessel Response Plans – 1-Call Alaska Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) expanded

USCG detains vessel for failure to use low sulphur fuel oil in the North America ECA

Vessel manoeuvring affected by the use of ultra-low sulphur fuel