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Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain

Our commitment to sustainability isn't limited to our own operations; it also influences how we handle our supply chain. We work with over 6500 suppliers and business partners across different industries and collaborate with them to address potential impacts and risks and encourage ongoing improvements in terms of respecting human rights, environmental responsibility, and responsible business practices.

We do this by considering relevant ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors when evaluating and screening our suppliers and business partners. We have clear and consistent expectations for our working relationships, based on our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct. In our Supplier Code of Conduct, we emphasize the significance of our core values and our dedication to responsible business conduct and outline the basic standards and what we expect from our suppliers and business partners.

Our goal is to continue building strong relationships with our suppliers and business partners, assisting them in their own journeys to continuously improve their practices while improving our own processes as well.


  • Approximately 6500 global suppliers in different industries.

  • ESG screening and assessment process initiated.


  • Monitor suppliers and business partners’ progression.

  • Build stronger relationships - act as a discussion partner

  • Drawing from lessons learned in the past assessment process, work on our own improvement areas.

Supplier code of conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the basic standards and what we expect from our suppliers and business partners.

If you want to learn more of our procurement process and strategies and supply chain management, please contact the procurement team:

Mari Syrdalen

Emilie N Mortensen

Sandra Guiguet

Grievance Mechanisms

Grievance mechanisms play a critical role in building a culture of openness and accountability to which grievances concerning misconduct, censurable conditions, and business-related human rights issues can be raised and remedy sought. In Gard, we have internal channels and Whistleblowing portal where misconduct or censurable conditions can be raised or reported.

Ethics and Business Conduct

Gard strives to conduct all business operations with the highest legal and ethical standards. We expect our employees and external business partners to be familiar with and to comply with our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct covering financial crime prevention, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, and Whistleblowing.

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