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We're here to help you manage risks, including accidents and crises.

Experienced experts

Our goal during emergencies are to prevent losses, injuries, pollution, and other aftermaths of incidents. With our experience in crisis management from real incidents, our expert claims handlers and maritime knowledge will assist in handling the situation.

Taking action

In a crisis, when lives, the environment, or assets are in danger, we act with caution but efficiently. We dedicate resources based on worst-case scenarios to ensure a quick and professional response. For serious incidents, we follow our Crisis Management Plan.



Our priority is your safety - that means ensuring the safety of your crew first.. We help you handle the crisis by following the “PEA” approach – prioritise People, Environment, Assets, in that order.



We assist you in notifying your insurers and the relevant authorities. We'll guide you through this process and help you communicate the facts without speculating about the incident's cause.



We work together to preserve crucial evidence and documents, especially those from the ship, like VDR data. We'll also help you control access to the vessel. If media or others seek access, consult us for guidance on how to proceed.

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