Webinar - Risky business - Charters and traders November 2021

Craig Johnston, Gard Singapore, Moderator Henrik Ehlers Kragh, Risk Intelligence, PresenterBalvinder Ahluwalia, Gard London, PresenterHelena Biggs, Gard London, PresenterArek Glaas, Gard Arendal, Presenter

Webinar: Gard Charterers and Traders COVID-19 (Americas)

Monica Kohli, Moderator Terri Lynn Jay Kunbi Sowunmi London, Arendal, New York

Gard Loss Prevention webinar (HK) COVID19

Sandra Guiguet, Moderator Kunal Puthak and Tim Howse, Presenters Singapore, London and Hong Kong, June 2020

Gard Loss Prevention webinar - COVID-19

Kunal Pathak Tim Howse Moderator: Alice Jackson Amundsen Singapore, London and Arendal3 June 2020

Meet our people

– Gard is a truly diverse and ‘open culture’ organisation,” Zirui adds.      Meet Marie Vice President Defence in London   Marie joined our London team in 2020, coming from a law firm where she had been partner and head of a litig...

The importance of Paramount Clauses

Clauses incorporated in charterparties can have wide-ranging consequences in terms of liability.   By Fionna Gavin, Ince & Co., London

Members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee, the Remuneration Committee, the Risk Committee and the Election Committee of Gard P&I (Bermuda) Ltd

Berge Bulk, Singapore The Election and Governance Committee Morten W. Høegh, Chairman Leif Höegh (UK) Ltd., London

Members of the Board of Directors of Lingard Limited

The Board of Directors Morten W. Høegh, Chairman                Leif Höegh (UK) Ltd., London  Trond Eilertsen Oslo Rolf Thore Roppestad Arendal Kristian Dalene Bermuda  

Join Gard at Arendalsuka 2022

The yearly event week Arendalsuka is kicking off 15-19 August in Arendal, Norway. Gard will be hosting six events this year.

US Supreme Court confirms that US discovery processes are not available for private foreign arbitration proceedings

Guest authors, lawyers from the Holland and Knight law office in New York, report on a recent United States Supreme Court case that forecloses access to broad US discovery procedures in foreign arbitrations.  The ruling may have relevance to charter...

Standard and Poor's RatingsDirect report August 2022

Gard P&I (Bermuda) Ltd. Primary Credit Analyst: Robert J Greensted, London + 44 20 7176 7095; robert.greensted@spglobal.com Secondary Contact: Mark D Nicholson, London + 44 20 7176 7991; mark.nicholson@spglobal.com Ta...