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The Annual General Meeting of Assuranceforeningen Gard -gjensidig- will be held on Thursday, 17 June at 10 am.



Also available in Japanese HTML / PDF For the first half of the 2021 financial year, the Gard group results have been negatively impacted by the continuing trend of large Pool claims, as well as COVID-19 related crew claims and pandemic-driven cost increases in hull, loss of hire and P&I casualty.



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Member circular

Notification of change in ownership of E-TITLE electronic trading system.


Member circular

The International Group understands that some cargoes of iron ore fines intended for shipment from the port of Pepel have been stockpiled outdoors uncovered for a prolonged period posing a particular risk of liquefaction during the wet season. It is also understood that some cargoes intended for shipment from Pepel have previously been considered too low gra


Directors report

Our priorities in these difficult times have been to focus on our Members and clients, our social responsibility toward seafarers and other key maritime stakeholders and the welfare of our employees. 



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