Staff news

, will be seconded to Gard’s Hong Kong office for two years, starting this summer.Rolf Thore Roppestad, Manager in the Insurance ... Nordberg will be in Hong Kong.Harald Fotland has taken over responsibility as H...

Gard staff at naming ceremony in Japan

Representatives from the Tokyo office of Assuranceforeningen Gard and the Hong Kong office of Gard Services have recently attended a naming ceremony in Japan.Mr Toyoo Mohri of Gard P&I Japan and Far East, Tokyo and Mr Julian Lister...

Gard Asia (HK) Ltd

As noted to Members in a Circular dated September 1997, . has been established in Hong Kong. An opening reception ... the principal of Gard’s correspondent in Hong Kong, J. A. Lister & Co. Ltd. He has 24 years P&...

Loss prevention update

of damage to consignments of garlic imported from China. Typhoon season precautions – Hong Kong area (May 2003)Information regarding mooring regulations in Hong Kong and proper moorings in locations where typhoon...

Staff news

Services Hong Kong and has returned to the Casualty, Environmental and Property section of the Claims Department, P

Introducing the Claims Department

is an American with combined legal and economics degrees. From 1997 to 1999 Chris resided in Hong Kong to assist ... and Hong Kong. Until recently she was active with Defence claims handling and management in th...

Surveys in China

surveyors can be sent from Hong Kong, from where it takes a few hours to reach most southern ports of China by plane or ferry ... and The Ming An Insurance Company (Hong Kong) Ltd. The survey reports are issued ...

Gard's pre-employment medical examination scheme

. of Manila (MMLC)2 were contracted to carry out the tests and the project has been administered by Gard AS through its Hong Kong

Staff news

the University of Hong Kong as well as Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees from the University of London external program ... and as assistant solicitor for Richards Butler and Sinclair Roche & Termperley in Hong...

Hong Kong law - Straight bills of lading

Gard News 185 - The Hong Kong Commercial Court has recently had to consider the nature of straight bills of lading ... in Hong Kong.2The facts in the two Hong Kong cases are slightly different f...

Resolving maritime disputes in the People's Republic of China

to arbitration in Hong Kong with Hong Kong law to govern is an ad hoc arbitration clause. In order to be enforced, clauses should provide for institutional arbitration by designating an institution as the arbitra...

Rescue in Gibraltar

) covered by Gard I was on the bridge when we could hear over channel 16 the master of a container ship bound from Hong Kong

The Casualty, Environmental, Property and Liquid Cargo Claims group

London and Hong Kong offices.From left: Einar Christensen and Jan Kr. Jacobsen.ClaimsThe group has five senior claims

Killing the bug - Gard succeeds as fly-swatter

, Hong Kong, London, Miami and Athens. The conferences have been well attended by Members and we hope they have found them

Carriage of charcoal in containers

the Association decided to send a surveyor fromHong Kong to Belawan, Sumatra, which was the place of origin of the three containers