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Loss prevention material

Adding to the COVID19 hardships already faced by seafarers, 2020 saw a year-on-year increase in global piracy, with a record 130 crew kidnapped in the Gulf of Guinea, a continuing rising trend of armed robberies against vessels in the Singapore Strait, and no improvements for robbery incidents in South America.



We are facing unprecedented worldwide lockdown and severe travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Several thousand seafarers have been asked to extend their contracts beyond their usual tour of duty. Kunal Pathak, Loss Prevention Manager in Gard’s Singapore office, writes about maintaining the mental wellness of the seafarers during the current



© 2021 Gard AS 1 SCMA規則の改訂により、シンガポールでの仲裁手続の利便 性が向上 こちらは、英文記事「The SCMA polishes its rules to make Singapore arbitration more user-friendly」 (2021 年 12 月 14 日付)の和訳です。 シンガポール海事仲裁所(SCMA)は、海事・国際貿易に関する紛争解決の枠組みを持つ独立 した仲裁機関です。SCMAは、ビジネス、技術、法分野においてそれぞれ異なる経験を持つ、 多様な民族と多数の女性を含む仲裁人パネルを設置し、海運業界のニーズに応えられよう努め てきました。この度、SCMAは 2022年から適用予定の SCMA規則第 4版を発表しました。 Gard はシンガポール海事仲裁所の招待を受け



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Today, 30 September 2021, we join with IMO and the global maritime community to commemorate the annual World Maritime Day, with a focus on this year's theme: "Seafarers: At the core of shipping's future".


Loss prevention material

1 Gard P&I Member Circular No. 4/2021, 2021年 6月 Member Circular No. 4/2021 2021年 6月 電子(ペーパーレス)商取引システム ess ... :シンガポール法の最近の修正事項 (特に 2021年 3月 19日に施行され、シンガポール法の下で電子船荷証券を認める Singapore Electronic Transactions (Amendment) Act)を含むよう拡張 4. DSUA Terms ... 。したがって、ガードジャパン株式会社は、原文との内容の不一致につい ては、一切責任を負いません。翻訳文についてご不明な点などありましたらガードジャパン株式会社までご連絡ください。 2 Gard P&I Member Circular No. 4/2021, 2021年 6月



Updated 6 January 2022 Also available in Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese and Japanese  There are still a high number of COVID cases affecting crews and others on board ships, and many ports and countries continue to operate with changing restrictions and regulations, which differ from place to place. We encourage ship operators to follow the evoluti



ARGENTINA (GMT -3) BUENOS AIRES P&I and Hull contact > Sigvart G.J. Simonsen & Cia. S.R.L. Mendoza 4002, C1430 BRP, Buenos ... Greg Pugh Mobile 61 478 184 698 P&I contact > Thynne & Macartney G.P.O.Box 245, Brisbane, Queensland 4001, AUSTRALIA ... LUANDA P&I and Hull contact > BUDD Angola, c/o Mainstay Rua Alameda Manuel Van-Dunen - No. 261, 1, andar Esqdo, Bairro