• Indonesia bans the export of palm oil


    19 MAY 2022

    On 27 April 2022, a few months after announcing a ban on the export of thermal coal, Indonesia announced a ban on the export of crude palm oil and palm oil products.

  • Update on Covid-19 restrictions in Chinese ports


    18 MAY 2022

    China is still adhering to its Covid-19 dynamic clearance policy as the Omicron variant is spreading across the country. Following  a recent politburo meeting, the central government has received clear instructions to continue its Covid-19 control policy. Since the strict measures to contain the virus are unlikely to relax in the short term and one key aspect of such measures is to prevent the import of cases from abroad, the Covid-19 restrictions in Chinese ports are likely to remain in place for some time.

  • 2/2022: Notice of Annual General Meeting


    13 MAY 2022

    Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Assuranceforeningen Gard - gjensidig – will be held at the offices of Gard AS in Kittelsbuktveien 31, 4836 Arendal, Norway and as a video conference on Thursday 2 June 2022 at 10.00 a.m.

  • 1/2022: Status report as at 20 February 2022


    11 MAY 2022

    TRADCHINESE/繁體中文譯文 (PDF)
    SIMPCHINESE/简体中文译文 (PDF)

    The financial year ending February 2022 was very challenging for the maritime industries, due to a variety of financial and operational difficulties. Our role is to support our shipowners when times are tough, and this year’s report highlights a number of areas where Gard has – through its size, reach and expertise, been able to deliver on that promise. 

  • Bunker quality – do bunker suppliers have charterers over a barrel?


    10 MAY 2022

    As the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore continues to investigate HSFO bunkers found to contain harmful chlorinated hydrocarbons supplied in the first quarter this year, our authors review the imbalance between the position of time charterer vis-à-vis vessel owners versus the charterer’s recourse opportunities under the bunker sale contract.