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Gard’s efforts to enable sustainable maritime development are described within the three areas; People, Environment and Responsible Business Conduct

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By working closely with our Members and clients, suppliers, business partners, and other stakeholders, we aim to do our part in ensuring a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable ocean economy. Our commitment involves contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and including environmental, social, and ethical business practices in our everyday operations.




We respect human rights and promote labor rights in our operations and supply chain.

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Human rights

Respecting human rights serves as the foundation on how we conduct business.

Seafarers’ Safety and Well-being

Seafarers play a crucial role in the maritime industry, and our main goal is to safeguard their lives and livelihood while also enhancing their overall well-being.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

People are at the core of our value creation. Our focus is to develop competence, foster diversity, ensure equal opportunities, and prevent discrimination.



We work to enable the green transition and mitigate the impacts of marine pollution.

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Climate Change

Climate change poses significant social and economic challenges. Our focus is to support our Members and clients in managing the green transition.

Marine Pollution

Pollution and ocean acidification are threats to ocean resources. Our focus is to ensure fair and responsible handling of marine casualties and pollution incidents to make the oceans cleaner and safer.

Sustainable Ship Recycling

Ship recycling is considered the most sustainable way to end a ship’s life. Our focus is to promote and encourage responsible ship recycling practices.


Responsible Business Conduct

We work actively to ensure responsible business activities throughout our value chain.

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Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain

Our focus is to integrate social, ethical, and environmental factors into our sourcing and procurement strategies. We assess our suppliers on their ESG risks and performance.

Grievance mechanisms

Our grievance mechanisms lead us to identify issues and provide a channel for those directly affected to air their concerns, without fear of retaliation.

Ethics and business conduct

Our focus is to maintain an operating environment governed by rule of law and effective corporate governance.

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