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Our mission, "Together, we enable sustainable maritime development," highlights that sustainability is at the core of Gard's business.

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Gard adds value to society by assisting our Members and clients in the marine industries with risk management. We've developed extensive expertise in preventing, reducing, and sharing the risks associated with accidents to safeguard people, the environment, and property.

Consequently, we are well-prepared to help minimize the impact on society and the environment, reduce costs for ocean-based industries, and protect the interests of our Members and clients.

To make our mission concrete and measurable, aligning with the latest international standards, we have implemented the following 6-step process on how we integrate sustainability into our operations.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in focus – Five goals for our sustainable business

Together with the stakeholder engagement and dialogue results, we've evaluated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), considering how each goal presents opportunities and responsibilities for our business. We've also considered our ability to make a positive impact using our resources, expertise, and experience. As a result, we've identified five SDGs as the primary focus areas for Gard's ambitions and targets. These SDGs are integrated into our operations.

SDG Card - Focus on people for sustainable growth

Focus on people for sustainable growth

SDG Card - Limiting Climate Impact

Support the maritime industry in the green transition

SDG Card - Minimizing Marine Pollution

Prevent and minimise the impact of marine pollution

SDG Card - Upholding Business Ethics

Push towards a higher business ethics throughout global operations

SDG Card - Fostering Sustainable Development

Drive sustainable maritime development within our industry

Governance for Sustainable Business

Internal governance is important to integrate sustainability into our operations. To achieve this, we've created the Sustainable Operations Panel (SOP), comprising senior representatives from all business functions. The SOP serves as a platform for discussing strategic sustainability matters, including Gard's impact, contributions, and effects linked to our operations, products, or services. The SOP identifies and prioritizes relevant risks and opportunities, recommending actions based on materiality to the Gard Leadership Team.

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